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To all the Klainers out there.

Ryan Murphy called the Brittana laundry scene a “Hot and Steamy laundry scene”. 

What we got was this:

2 scenes before they broke up. And I might be wrong here but I think the gif maker even slowed it down. 

What I’m trying to say here is; don’t get your hopes up! Ryan is a troll. He’s tricked Brittana, Klaine and Finchel fans multiple times.


It would have been so much fun if Hodgson had written Choke

I mean we could’ve seen Beiste being punished for getting hit, her singing a song about how it’s not really that bad to be abused oh and Cooter could have been the one helping her through it all! ‘Update y’all, I’m getting hit by my husband but he’s helping me cope with it so I’m totally fine, Cooter for President!’

Hodgson even would’ve found a way to write Beiste getting publicly humiliated into the episode!! Yayy.


Yes Glee, I just went there. Because it’s exactly what happened with Santana’s storyline.

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